Philosophy: Relating to or involving the explanation of phenomena in terms of the purpose they serve rather than of the cause by which they arise. “Teleological Narratives Of Progress”

Theology: Relating to the doctrine of design and purpose in the material world. “A Teleological View Of Nature”


Neophagia, the attraction and desire for new tastes, is inherent in all animals. Combining this fact with the ability to introduce a future food source that has unique taste profiles as well as unique functions, for health, weight management, sports performance, cardio health and brain health is the mission statement of Future Foods® Neophagia line of products.

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New Unique Taste

Tastes include the oral sensation beyond just the savory quality. It includes the chew, the crisp, the crunchiness, the melt in your mouth process of chewing or the reslience of a food to be chewed and then dissolve, all include what we term as taste.  That taste and chew and related sensory experience define the entire taste process for something to be New/Neo taste or Neo Phage, it must be unique.

How it works

A few things we’re great at

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Brief Description


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Global Flavors From

Mexico, Latin America, Morocco, Ethiopia, Africa, Europe, France, Italy, Turkey, India, Hawaii, Asia, Taiwan, Vietman.

Help Block & Lower Fat

Our products make otherwise bland foods health and with added special fibers to help block and lower bad fat.

Heart Healthy Functional Food

We are experts in creating low fat, new tastes and assist in with loss and heart health simulatneously.

Function In Health

Food Beyond Just Calories  Macro/Micro Nutrients Vitamins/Minerals Fibers


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Media Stars Of Global Tastes

Queen Of New Cuisine • The King & Queens of New Cuisines 

Quotes from customers or authors such as Anthoney Bourdain or Alice Waters

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